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Personal Coaching, Reintegration, Conflict Resolution/Mediation,
Company training

Manna Life Source offers its’ resources to corporations that want to grow as a spiritual entity, that first and foremost labor for the welfare of their employees and that would utilize their human resource department effectively to insure a healthy working environment.  Other than working on-site with companies directly we give individual sessions for problems related to:

·    Stress

·    Psychic emotional problems as well as physical problems that ensue as

     a result.

·    Breathing, sleeping, and/or eating disorder

·    Work-related problems

·    Lack of creativity

·    Depression and/or burnout


Company Trainings


We offer various management training courses, which can be adapted as desired.

Communication Training: Leadership & Presentation

Self-Empowerment Training: personal development

Corporate team building training


Sample Business Incentive Training


The Inner Visions is a fun 1 to 3-day shamanic workshop aimed at (re)discovering our hidden dreams and deep desires. We do this in a very playful way through all kinds of fun exercises that will support you to give more expression to who you really are. This workshop can be specially adapted for a group on request. For example, we can also organize a sweat lodge ceremony and/or a fire walk.


Topics covered: overcoming your limitations and fears, understanding the necessity of taking risks, how to embrace the courage to become a true leader and team building in regards to achieving a common goal.


Life Source Coaching 10 session's Trajectory


Do you know where true success comes from? Are you aware that it is possible to achieve absolute success and never have to wonder whether or not you will succeed? Are you enjoying your life without having to struggle? If not, I'll show you how to turn your life into a living masterpiece. Success guaranteed!


My expertise:


  • Relief from stress and tension

  • Relief from fears and anxiety

  • Trauma healing

  • Solving psychological/emotional problems

  • Developing creativity and intuition

  • Healing burnout and depression

  • Regaining focus and concentration

  • Restoring the breath to its natural breathing rhythm

  • All work-related issues

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