Come join us for an amazing 8 day retreat held in Santa Fiora at the Podere Di Maggio. The Podere di Maggio is located in the upper Tuscan Maremma in an area of pure and wild nature but at the same time surrounded by cultural and historical treasures.

While immersing yourself into the process of transformation and self-discovery you will be pampered with the exquisite traditional home cooking of the Podere’s Napolitan cook.

Why join us? Because the training will help you grasp the fundamentals of life and bring your Body, Mind & Spirit back into alignment with each other. How? By restoring your breath to a free flowing, open and expanded rhythm, back to its original state. Breathing is what will get you there. It is such a simple yet effective tool to help release all negative conditioning and the effects of past negative experiences that continue to influence you today. Restoring your Breath is probably the one most important factor to living a full, healthy, successful and meaningful life .

This training will provide you with a more fundamental understanding of “breathwork practice”, and increase your understanding of the function of the breath itself. During this intensive you will learn to facilitate both hot, as well as cold water sessions, and learn the specifics of when and how to apply them.

General topics & teachings include:

  • How to overcome the influences our negative belief system and convictions.
  • How to activate your full creative powers & living the “life fantastic”.
  • How our birth, conception & prenatal influences (in utero), determine much of our lives.
  • Freeing yourself of your “birth script” influence and healing other specific negatives.
  • Learning the Art of Manifestation
  • The qualities and deviations of the breath
  • Warm and cold water specifics
  • Unraveling the fears of aging, disease and death

Tuition: €. 975

Room & Board:   €95,- per person for a shared room (separate beds) 120,- per person for a private room 75,- per person for accommodation in canvas tents (shared). All prices including full room and board

Information and Registration: +31 6 24680147 /

Location: Santa Fiora, Tuscany, Italy

Begin/End:              Saturday 3 September: Arrival all day

                                   Dinner: 7pm. Start Program: 9pm

Ending on 11 September no later than 2pm

Airport pick up and drop off possible at €70

Payment to: Manna Life Source – ING Bank

Account number: NL94 INGB 0006 3702 58 – BIC Number: INGBNL2A

Ref: LETraining Intensive Course September 2022