Life Source Shamanism

Our purpose is aimed at the fulfillment of the Indian Prophecy of the Seventh Generation that states: “A revealing time will come when the sacred fires and the teachings of the elders, before a holocaust overtook their peoples, would be rekindled in other lands, by peoples of different races and tongues, and by descendants of their oppressors”. This is the Seventh Generation.

Shamanism is a path that we have actively chosen to take as part of a movement toward “global awakening”. It is also through shamanism that we guide people on their spiritual path and that of their personal growth and individual awakening.

Shamanism is a way of life, and as in any other discipline it remains a concept unless practiced! It is through Shamanism that the lost knowledge and wisdom of the ancient cultures is brought back to the world. It helps us discover the vast resources we have available to us and on a very practical level teaches how to use them on our path of personal transformation. The ultimate goal is to free ourselves from all our limitations and to create the life we were meant to live; to return to a state of bliss and happiness, to reconnect to Spirit and to allow Spirit to guide us on our earth walk. 

Ask yourself: is the outside world you see real? And if so, does that mean that your dreams are not? What is the function of dreaming?  Maybe dreams are the very fabric of which life is made of! Shamanism takes us beyond our ordinary awareness to help us reconnect to our spiritual heritage.

Shamanic Work offered by Manna Life Source:

  • Sweat Lodge (Herbal) – group or individual
  • Shamanic Journey and Drumming
  • Group Healings
  • Body Work/Alignment
  • Chakra Balancing

Work Shops:

  • The Inner Visions Retreat and the Shamanic Journey in the USA
  • Karlijne’s medicine name is Solàr (Fire Goddess)
  • Robert Jayd’s medicine name is Goumuf Googang (Black Spider)

Shamanic Circle

This Shamanic weekend retreat is a fun and playful quest to uncover your hidden dreams and desires and to learn how to direct your energy (attention) toward their realization (manifestation).
Since the ‘Inner Visions’ is a Shamanic retreat we will be learning and applying the disciplines, exercises and the teachings of different Native Cultures. Among other, we will enjoy lots of movement and dance, the sweat lodge ceremony, and the shamanic journey.
The retreat is a wonderful opportunity to unleash your full creative potential, and to bring in the awareness and guides to help you on your personal journey to fulfillment.

The Sweatlodge

The sweat lodge is a sacred place to pray and meditate, to learn and a place for healing. It is an opportunity to cleanse yourself of your fears, anguish, anger, jealousy and all your negative thoughts.

The lodge itself is usually made of willow and shaped into a dome frame that is covered by blankets, tarps, canvas or animal skins to keep the heat in. Stones are heated in a ritual fire for several hours and then placed in a pit that is in the middle of the lodge. Water is then poured on the rocks, creating steam. We honor the 4 elements and the 4 directions by sweating 4 rounds; 4 times stones are added making the lodge progressively hotter.

When you enter the lodge there is nothing that you can hide in your heart which is why you must be clear about your reason to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony. The sweat lodge is a place of testing, a place to conquer your fears, a returning to the womb and of being reborn.

Shamanic Healing / Bodywork

Shamanic healings are very unusual to say the least; at least from our western perspective. Healing from the point of view of most indigenous peoples the world over must be understood in a different context and paradigm. More acceptable and recognized healing disciplines include: Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Ayurveda and include the whole body, mind and spirit when it comes to healing any dis-ease.

Almost all indigenous cultures still have their own set beliefs, values and bona fide systems of healing.  I have been taught a form of bodywork from my Hopi medicine man who offers what he calls ‘traditional’ healing; it includes herbal treatments, bodywork, shamanic journeys, sweatlodges, and rituals that I have never encountered anywhere else in my search for alternative healing methods.

The bodywork I offer helps dissolve stuck energy in the body which you may experience both as a physical and/or emotional pain, and includes: removal of cartilage and aligning the body and organs if necessary. The body is your temple and has its own innate intelligence. If your body becomes overloaded with toxins and waste it cannot excrete and has to suffer the suppression of your emotions and or becomes overburdened by your daily stress, the body’s natural healing ability begins to stagnate. Although the body is very resilient on the long run though, it leads to fatigue and ultimately to chronic ailments. Bodywork is a form of preventive healthcare.

Being clear sentient, throughout the session I am continuously tuning in to and moving to where healing is needed. You may need an energetic transmission for more energy, working on the more subtle energy body with which I might use certain crystals. Finally, I will drum and sing and give expression to the healing frequency. I call them healing songs.

“I have studied with Robert, he is simply the best teacher around in Holland for Breathwork to take you through life-changing processes where not many dare to venture , he works with trust, integrity and love , so he trusts in your process even when you don t & that s the one that s going to do it for you! He has an amazing background in other traditions to support the breathwork he gives and at the same time keeps the breathwork pure as it is passed down in the lineage of Herakhan Babaji, Sondra ray and Leonard Orr. I feel honored to have been trained by him.

Shanti Devi