Ademdag – Leven vanuit Verbinding

3 maart 2019 – Amsterdam

For those that have never experienced a breathing session before, this is the perfect moment to experience it firsthand and to discover whether or not Breathwork/Rebirthing is something for you. And for those that already have experience, a theme day is a wonderful way to get into very specific oriented themes/topics and to enjoy the daily breathing session.

Voor de mensen die nog nooit een ademsessie hebben ervaren, is dit een mooie manier om er in te stappen en te ontdekken of dit iets voor je is. Tevens is een Thema dag ook voor diegene die al ervaring hebben en zin hebben om op wat speciefiek gerichte themas in te gaan en van een ademsessie te genieten. We gaan het hebben over het thema in verbinding zijn. Kijken waarom wij ons zo vaak van anderen afsluiten. En daardoor vaak alles alleen zitten te doen. De vraag is hoe we in hte leven meer met de wereld en anderen in verbinding kunnen gaan. Ook gaan we genieten van een volledige ademsessie. Tot gauw!

Information and Registration: +31-6 24680147 / /

Tuition: €.75,-

Payment to: Manna Life Source – ABN AMRO

Accountnumber: NL49 ABNA 0511251661 – BIC Number: ABNANL2A – Reference: Ademdag – Leven vanuit Verbinding

Life Empowerment Training – Breathwork/Rebirthing Basics

22 to 24 March 2019

Mirror Centre, Amsterdam 

We would like to invite you to join us for this wonderful opportunity to rediscover and to reclaim the full potential of your breath.  Find out why your breath is the single most important factor to your health, happiness and success. We will teach you a safe and gentle breathing technique that helps to release stress and heal all negative experiences of your past to return to a state of joy, peace and bliss.

Above all it will initiate the development of your intuition and stimulate the process of coming to your full creative potential. Find out how to completely transform your life, to live the life that you have always dreamed of living.  Learn to understand the metaphysical principles that will help you transform your life.

General topics: understanding creative thought, the laws of attraction, projection and manifestation, positive/negative self-images, the ego and the superego. You will also experience several breathing sessions and have the opportunity of learning disciplines of self-inquiry.

Information and Registration: +31-6 24680147 / /

Location: Mirror Centre – Ter Gouwstraat (Oosterspoorplein)                           1093 JX Amsterdam

Location:            Mirror Centre

Date:                     Friday 22 thru Sunday 24 March 2019

Daily:                    from 10 am to 19 pm    

At registration you will receive a confirmation letter with further details

Tuition: € 395  / Earlybird until 17 February: € 350

Payment to:Manna Life Source: ABN AMRO

Accountnumber: NL49 ABNA 0511251661 – BIC Number: ABNANL2A – Reference  LETraining Basics March 2019

13 – 20 April 2019 – Montefiascone, Italy

The Art of Breathing / enhancing your intuition and personal skills

This 1 week advanced intensive is basically for anyone who wants to continue their own personal development and to learn more about the power of the breath. We will be hosting the training at our wonderful place in Montefiascone, Italy, just a short drive from Lake Bolsena and the wonderful Thermal baths of Viterbo. Enjoy the peaceful environment and wonderful food as we discover more about ourselves.            

As we use this week to rejuvenate and replenish ourselves, we will share with you our knowledge of the Art & Science of Rebirthing, also known as Breathwork or just simply Conscious Connected Breathing. Whether you are interested in exchanging sessions with others in our community or becoming a professional Breathwork practitioner yourself, this training will help you acquire the necessary and required skills.

This training will provide you with a more fundamental understanding of “breathwork practice”, and increase your understanding of the function of the breath itself. During this intensive you will learn to facilitate both hot, as well as cold water sessions, and learn the specifics of when and how to apply them.

General topics & teachings include:

  • How to overcome the influences our negative belief system and convictions.
  • How to activate your full creative powers & living the “life fantastic”.
  • How our birth, conception & prenatal influences (in utero), determine much of our lives.
  • Freeing yourself of your “birth script” influence and healing other specific negatives.
  • Learning the Art of Manifestation
  • The qualities and deviations of the breath
  • Warm and cold water specifics
  • Unraveling the fears of aging, disease and death

Tuition: €. 975 / Earlybird until 28 February: €. 900

Room & Board:          € 700 p/p

Information and Registration: +31 6 24680147 /

Location: At our home Montefiascone (Lake Bolsena), Italy

Begin/End:              Saturday 13 April: Arrival all day

                                   Dinner: 7pm. Start Program: 9pm

                                   Ending on 20 April no later than 2pm

                                   Airport pick up and drop off possible at cost

Payment to: Manna Life Source – ABN AMRO

Account number: NL49 ABNA 0511 2516 61 – BIC Number: ABNANL2A

Ref: LETraining Intensive Course 2019


“The moment you meet Robert you feel his deep passion for Breathwork and helping people with change and transformation. He shows dedication, commitment and experience, training groups and gives individual sessions with clients as well. I would certainly have no doubts recommending Robert to my friends, colleagues and family.”

Jonathan Greenwood