Change  Management

Personal Coaching, Reintegration, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, Corporate Trainings

Manna Life Source offers its’ resources to corporations that first and foremost labor for the welfare of their employees and that would utilize their human resource department effectively to insure a healthy working environment.  Other than working on site with companies directly we give individual sessions for problems related to:

  • Stress
  • Emotional problems as well as physical problems the ensue as a result
  • Lack of creativity
  • Depression and/or burnout
  • Work related problems

Corporate Trainings area of expertise:

Communication training: Leadership & Presentation, Self Empowerment, Corporate Team Building. All trainings can be tailored to meet your specific needs or wants.

Sample Incentive Training: The “Inner Visions” can be organized as a 1 to 3 day event. It is designed to reawaken the participant’s creative potential and to help them reconnect with their basic desires and joy of life. Playful exercises of the American Indian tradition are used for the purpose of self inquiry. It includes drumming, dance & movement, bodywork and possibly a Native American “Sweat Lodge” and/or “Fire Walk”.  For companies that organize annual events for their employees, a workshop such as this would be an absolute success. Elements of teaching include: moving beyond fear, understanding the dilemma of risk taking, how to gain courage and become a true leader, team building and the importance of cooperation.

Life Source Coaching/10 Session Trajectory:

Do you know where true success comes from? Are you aware that it is possible to achieve absolute success without unnecessary worrying about whether or not you will succeed? Are you fully enjoying every aspect of your life where there is less struggle and things are flowing? If you aren’t, We will show you how to turn your life into a living masterpiece. Success guaranteed!

Our approach is holistic which means that we look at our clients’ overall lifestyle and habits to unravel what possible disturbances or imbalances may be at the root of the problem: “treat the person not the problem; treat the cause not the effect”.

Area of expertise:

  • Stress and tension relief
  • Releasing fear and anxiety
  • Trauma healing
  • Healing emotional problems
  • developing creativity and intuition
  • healing burnout and depression
  • regaining focus and concentration
  • restoring your breath

If we’ve captured your interest, then please feel free to contact us and find out if we can be of any significance to your company

“Robert is a fantastic breathworker and teacher. He has guided me through meaningful individual sessions and taught me about Rebirthing and Tantra in his soulful and exciting seminars. He’s the kind of shamanic guide you can fully trust and surrender to, besides that he has an uplifting presence that makes you think in terms of challenges instead of problems.”

Susanne Ohmann