Robert Jayd Tettero 

Robert is a Personal Development Trainer, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer/Teacher and Tantric. He gives trainings and individual sessions in Self Empowerment, Breathwork/Rebirthing, Shamanism and Tantra and is a certified Rebirther/Trainer and the Founder of Manna Life Source.

He obtained his shamanic skills through his collaboration with many Native Americans shamans and through an apprenticeship with a Hopi Medicine Man. He was also initiated to lead sweatlodge ceremonies. His drive to learn and to grow ultimately brought him to discover the path of Tantra

He has dedicated his life to personal healing and inner growth work and in addition to his own practice he also founded the European Rebirthing Association and a non profit Foundation: The Precious Pearl.

He now works together with his life’s partner Karlijne and offer their work worldwide and wherever people are enthusiastic of hosting them.

+31 6 24680147

Karlijne Tettero 

Karlijne gives trainings and individual sessions in Breathwork/Rebirthing and Tantra and leads sweatlodge ceremonies with Robert. She is a certified Rebirther/Trainer and an exceptionally gifted creative dancer.

Her remarkable intuition and keen sense of knowing what lies beneath the surface offers her clients valuable insights on their journey of personal development. She supports others to go through their healing process with ease and pleasure.

Karlijneā€™s gentle and loving nature and the joy she radiates, makes her a source of inspiration to others.

+31 6 42026082


The European Rebirthing Association

Charity Foundation: The Princess Precious Pearl

Erik van Veenendaal – Certified Rebirther/Trainer